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Nach den Full Parts von Andy und Boris gibts nun noch den dritten Bonus Part von Elmar Bossard. Die Parts sind zwar auf der DVD, jedoch nicht im Film, der Film ist nicht nach Fahrern unterteilt. Hier sind alle Shots von Elmo von der ganzen Saison vereint für euch. Enjoy!

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112 of 112 people found the suqeubesnt assess caring: best of the rugged' cameras, May 1, 2011Bya0 This assess is from: I bought this camera as an upgrade from my Fuji xp10. I also bought an xp30 and the Panasonic consistently blows it away.GPS: First sat aquisition takes a while, that is to be expected. After than in clear view (no trees, etc) I have gotten quick consistent signals in Hawaii and decent signals in Washington. Hawaii is much better as would be expected because there are more available sat's the quicker to the equator. If you are in the family way performance on par with your Garmin device, you will be disappointed. If you are in the family way the tiny gps sensor to work under most reasonable circumstances, then you will be pleased. The GPS data on the spectacle screen is a nice bonus but again, don't fool yourself into in the family way dedicated gps device performance.Underwater camera: I've snorkeled in 75 degree salt water for four days in a row for not less than 3 hours. In clear water the underwater pictures are incredible. I never got anything close to this quality out of the XP10 and it is a excellent camera. It completely blows the XP30 away. The full 1080 movies underwater are also brilliant, though to be honest I've only watched them on the 720 laptop screen. The camera has gotten a rinse in fresh water after each ocean bath and plenty of time to air dry. So far very excellent. I can't say enough about how much better the images are from this device.Battery: yet another custom sized battery and accompying charger. I'm not going to pick on companies for having a custom sized battery too much, but for my sanity, please just make the darn camera charge over a standard usb plug. I see how having a seperate charger coudl allow me to run with one and charge another but really, the battery life is very excellent (2-3 hours of actual snorkeling with the camera on all the time and still only using about 60% of the battery.Outdoor picture quality: Excellent. lots and lots of point modes (everything from portrait, to sunset, to fireworks, etc..) excellent enough general use that I left the canon SX100 at home but I do miss the 10x zoom. I'm willing to trade off the zoom for the one device and the massive improvement in ruggedness.Haven't done much indoor shooting yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if this camera gives up a small bit in that side of things. There are LOTS of excellent cameras for shooting indoors, but there aren't many that you can take snorkeling in the morning, drop on the gravel road loading up the car, and then rise and dunk into a snowbank in the evening. This camera impresses me more each day of vacation. I brought the xp10 as a backup but it hasn't even gotten out of the baggage.Help other customers find the most caring reviewsa0Was this assess caring to you?a0 | a0


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